Nazareth Village

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Land Restoration Guidelines

All professionals directly involved in village planning and construction will have complete access to all project research pertaining to first-century building practices and materials.

To ensure the development of Nazareth Village as an authentic* first-century environment, the village should be planned and constructed following the current state of knowledge regarding Galilean villages of this period. Any exceptions to this principle, such as the inclusion of modern materials to comply with safety codes, will be resolved through consensus with the appropriate professionals involved in the project.

To further assure the authenticity of Nazareth Village, it is essential to establish a peer review of appropriate specialists. These individuals will be identified and briefed as soon as possible to maximise their potential contribution.

The Conservation Director of the Israel Antiquities Authority will be regularly updated on the progress of this project and is encouraged to visit the site at every opportunity.

Priority will be given towards employing local residents, regardless of religious persuasion, in all phases of the project. This will maximise the economic benefit to the town of Nazareth and is essential to creating a sense of identity and responsibility with this project amongst present day Nazarenes.

*Authenticity defined as general acceptance within the academic community.

Land Restoration Guidelines – Mark Goodman