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1. Please be aware that entry to Nazareth Village is by guided tour and arranged by booking ahead of time ONLY.

2. A tour of our site takes an average of 1 hour 15 minutes, and is a walking tour, so comfortable walking shoes are highly recommended.

3. Pets of any kind are NOT ALLOWED on the tour (including service animals).

4. As the Village is an authentic first century outdoor setting, we are not wheelchair or scooter accessible.

5. Photographs or videos are allowed of the tour for personal use ONLY. Any commercial use – i.e. selling the pics or videos or posting to a YouTube channel or website – is strictly forbidden, unless previous permission has been given.

Step into the Bible at the Nazareth Village

We welcome you to join a tour of this astonishing historic site led by an expert guide who will retell some of Jesus’s teachings and parable within their original context. Come and situate the grand story of the Bible within the small town that is central to its narrative. Feel the village come alive with authentically clothed “villagers” as they carry out their daily routines, earn a living and care for their wildlife. Among others, you’ll meet Joseph the carpenter and Hannah the weaver, both usually hard at work mastering their crafts and always eager to teach inquisitive guests.

The Nazareth Village tour is consistently ranked among the best of Nazareth’s tourist attractions, and for good reason. Whether you’re interested in the hometown of Jesus from a biblical or historic perspective, the Nazareth Village will provide a truly enriching experience for you and your family or group. As Philip said to Nathanael regarding Nazareth in John 1:46, “Come and see”.

The standard tour length is 1 hour and 15 minutes. We recommend that you add one of our delicious Biblical meals to your tour to complete your experience of first-century Nazareth.

PLEASE NOTE: entry to Nazareth Village is by guided tour and arranged by booking ahead of time ONLY.

Standard tours are led in English. Our specially trained guides can also lead tours in Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, French, Italian, Romanian, Finnish, Portuguese, Spanish and German.
HOWEVER, all tours in these other languages are only available upon request, for groups of 15 visitors or more, and we cannot guarantee their availability.