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Research and Archaeology

This archaeological section is possible thanks to the writings and photos of the late Mark M. Goodman, who served as Nazareth Village’s Architectural Reconstructionist. Nazareth Village is deeply indebted to Mr. Goodman for his tireless effort and professionalism throughout the reconstruction process. His persistence and vision along with his infectious personality played a significant part in turning these dusty stones into a living reality.

Nazareth Village offers a unique synthesis of historical, archaeological and ethno-archaeological science applied towards reconstructing a First Century Village upon some of the last natural landscape within the city of Nazareth. With a dedicated staff team and a vital volunteer program, we continue to offer a meaningful social forum for people of different backgrounds to work, educate and share in something special, while preserving an ancient landscape for future generations to learn from and enjoy. The reconstruction of Nazareth Village – from archaeological research and excavation, to building the village itself – is an ongoing process. We look forward to sharing this story as it unfolds.

Nazareth Village took shape under the tireless and passionate leadership of its first Director, D. Michael Hostetler.

Careful attention has been devoted to historical and archaeological detail. Dr. Stephen Pfann, President of the University of the Holy Land, and his team have provided ongoing research focusing on life in the First Century.

Ross Joseph Voss (MA, Harvard University) serves as Project Archaeologist.

Riyad Haddad (BSc, Technion University) serves as Project Architect.

The late Mark M. Goodman (MSc, University of Pennsylvania), our Architectural Reconstructionist, focused on settlement building of the Early Roman period.

Our team of consultants and advisors has included:

Dr. H. Bernath
Dr. R. Frankel
Dr. Y. Hirschfeld
Dr. A. Killabrew
Dr. E Levine
Dr. E. Myers
Dr. E. Netzer
Dr. J. Strange
Dr. V Tsefaris
Dr. K. Bailey
Mr. Yeshua Drey
Dr. Etan Ayalon