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SERVE Nazareth

Volunteer in the hometown of Jesus

SERVE Nazareth is the volunteering arm of the Nazareth Trust, which also owns the Nazareth Village, the Nazareth Hospital and the Nazareth Academic School of Nursing. Connecting Christians from around the world with ministries in the hometown of Jesus, SERVE supports hundreds of volunteers who enjoy the blessing of experiencing life where Jesus lived, learning about cross cultural ministry and growing in their relationships with God.

Whether you’re interested in an initial encounter in the Holy Land or something more long term, SERVE can accommodate you. There are opportunities to get involved at the Nazareth Village, such as through our tour guide programme, and at the Nazareth Hospital. For more information on serving at the village, doing your medical elective at the Nazareth Hospital or joining our Pastoral Care ministry, among other opportunities, visit the SERVE Nazareth website.

There’s so much to be done, still spreading the love of God in practical, everyday ways, moment by moment, smile by smile, simple kindness by simple kindness, everywhere. As Christians we are to ‘bloom where we are planted’ and often it takes time away from home territory to realise that


— Jennie Lewis, New Zealand