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Biblical Meals

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Immerse yourself fully in the first-century experience and celebrate your tour at Nazareth Village with a feast of Biblical proportions

Traditional First-Century Meal

In Nazareth, meals are important occasions. It is no coincidence that many of Jesus’ stories and most important encounters or feasts take place around meals or feasts. 

Despite their significance, meals were quite simple and came only twice a day, usually at noon or early afternoon when workers came for a break, hungry like Esau. Bread, legumes, oil and dried or fresh fruit composed a typical meal.

Bread, along with water, was considered an essential of life. On the Sabbath, fish and vegetables would be added when available. Meat was usually limited to feast days and celebrations, and they mostly used chicken.

Our biblical meal includes: oven roasted chicken, lentil soup, cabbage salad, olives and fresh fire-baked flat bread with three kinds of dips – za’atar (ground hyssop, sesame seeds, and olive oil), hummus (ground chickpeas with tahini), labaneh (yogurt and ground wheat) – along with apple slices with date paste for desert. To drink we offer filtered water only in keeping with the period.

We invite you to add to your overall experience of first-century life by booking our traditional biblical meal. Reservations are offered for groups of 15 or more people who have also booked the tour.

75 NIS per person

The kitchen is only open on days when groups of 15 or more visitors have arranged for a meal in advance. If your group is smaller than this, on days when meals are already being served, it is likely you can be accommodated, but advanced booking is recommended. Meals are served between 12:00 and 14:00.

Please allow two working days for your booking to be confirmed. Your meal booking request is not guaranteed until you receive confirmation from the Nazareth Village office.

Meals are only available for those touring the Nazareth Village. You can book your tour along with your meal using the link boxes above.