Nazareth Village

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Production Services

Since Nazareth Village is a living historical village, many potential filming scenes are part of the programme, including:

  1. A carpenter in his carpentry shop
  2. A weaver in her house
  3. A rich man in his house
  4. A sheep pen and shepherd
  5. A watchtower with a watchman
  6. Donkeys grazing around site

Nazareth Village provides an accurate portrayal of first-century life in the form of authentically produced structures and preserved agricultural land, as well as costumed “villagers”. Available structures include:

  • First-century winepress and terraces (authentic)
  • First-century synagogue (replica)
  • Rich man’s, carpenter’s and weaver’s houses (replicas)
  • First century olive press (replica)
  • Mikveh and cistern (replicas)
  • Watchtower (replica)
  • Sheep pen (replica)
  • Tomb (replica)

Production services are available upon request and include:

  1. Extras (first-century characters, dependant on availability)
  2. First-century costumes
  3. Props
  4. Catering for crew members and extras

NOTE: All productions (filming/photography) must be arranged in advance.

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