Nazareth Village

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Production Services

Since Nazareth Village is a living history village, many scenes are a part of the daily program. Such scenes are:

  1. A Carpenter in his carpentry shop
  2. A weaver in her house
  3. A rich man in his house
  4. A sheep pen and shepherd
  5. A watchtower with a watchman
  6. Donkeys on the scene

The research conducted by the University of the Holy Land at Nazareth Village provides accuracy in first century life and customs, building materials and structure, as well as in costumes and agriculture. Available buildings and structures include:

  1. Full size first century Synagogue (replica)
  2. Rich man’s house (replica)
  3. Carpenter’s house (replica)
  4. Weaver’s house (replica)
  5. First century olive press (replica)
  6. Mikveh (replica)
  7. Cistern (replica)
  8. Watchtower (replica)
  9. First century winepress (authentic)
  10. First century terraces (authentic)
  11. Sheep pen
  12. Tomb (replica)

Production services are available upon request. They include:

  1. Extras (first century characters, upon availability)
  2. First century costumes
  3. Props
  4. Catering for crew members and extras

NOTE: All productions (filming/photography) must be arranged in advance.

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