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Come and See

2 minute end of the year message from Nazareth Village team

Thanking God for the year gone by and looking forward to what He will do in the future.

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Christmas Special from Nazareth Village

“Bring the incense, gold and the myrrh
Gifts from far to honor HIs birth
Shepherds bowed and angels did sing
Messiah Jesus is the King”
Join us for a visit to the humble nativity scene.
May peace and joy of this season fill your hearts!

A Season of Giving

10 days until Christmas!
Nazareth is already filled with light and colour in honour of this joyful season. Christmas lights, trees, parades… You name it!
Today, we’re bringing you some snippets from Christmas celebrations in Nazareth, and particularly at the Nazareth Village.
We hope you enjoyed watching the video and that it helped you feel the joy from the Christmas celebrations in Nazareth. Would you like to partner with us in this season of giving? The Nazareth Village Discovery Center will help us spread so much joy to our visitors. Click here to learn more:
Wishing you a peaceful Advent,
The Nazareth Village

Light from Nazareth Village

It is our hope and prayer for everyone at this time of year: that we would focus on Jesus – the true light of the world! We invite you to join us as we work to shine His light brightly in and from Nazareth, His hometown, for all the world to see.

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Something New and Exciting is Happening at the Nazareth Village Now!

In this video we share our third and last episode from our short miniseries: Present, Past, Future. This episode shares the future vision of Nazareth Village: A new state-of-the-art Discovery Center we are planning to build. For more information on the Discovery Center and how you can get involved:


Nazareth Village as part of the Nazareth Trust

Nazareth Village is part of a larger Christian organization, the Nazareth Trust, that has been serving Nazareth and the surrounding communities for the last 160 years.

The Nazareth Trust is unique in its position in the Middle East. Aiming to reach out to the local community and to the wider world through its various services, in the hometown of Jesus, through healthcare, education, proclamation and service.
To find out more about the Nazareth Trust visit:

Jesus talking to the people of Nazareth

We unpack the words of Jesus from Luke chapter 4 in the synagogue in Nazareth: a key part of our program at Nazareth Village today.

Light from Nazareth Village

In this short video we show you how first century villagers would pick and crush olives. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see more content from the Nazareth Village.

Persevering Hope

It’s good to be finally back! 

We’re excited to host all of our friends.

Light from Nazareth Village is a series of videos produced on our location with the purpose of sharing the light of Jesus from Nazareth locally and internationally with all of our friends and supporters.